dinsdag 1 mei 2012

My first Faybelle customers

.... that I never met. Yesterday I had a spot on the fleamarket. I used it to promote and to test the reaction of the public on my products. It was fun, though I was at a wrong spot and not many people came by. At the end of the fleamarket, my boyfriend came to help me pack. Everything was in boxes except for Faybelle's Friends. I went away to get the car around. And in that very moment my customers came. A boy and his two sisters. They all wanted a little Friend. My boyfriend told their father that they were handmade and that he needed to rang me about the price, but my phone was still with him at the market. So he sold them for less then I would have sold them for, but still for a fair price. When I came back the customers had already gone, without a promotion sticker. My boyfriend told me the kids were very happy with their purchase and that made me smile. I hope they have fun with their new Faybelle's friends.

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